The PFC program offers 10 Key Components

  1. offers regulators a third-party auditing option to ensure that licensed businesses are meeting standards required under regulation;
  2. is overseen by a Peer Review Board that has over 300 years of collective expertise in food and product safety protocols; federal regulatory development; and medical cannabis research, pharmacology, biochemistry, and industry practices;
  3. provides a logo that lets consumers, policy makers, regulators, community members and health care providers know that companies are meeting compliance and product safety standard requirements;
  4. monitors violations of regulations as well as complaints from patients, caregivers, health care practitioners, regulators, and community members;
  5. provides trainings that include: Legal Issues, Raid and Robbery Preparedness, Patient Education, Good Neighbor Polices, Safe Handling Protocols, Working with Patient Populations, Understanding Test Results and Delivery Systems, Adherence to Local Laws and Regulations, and Adherence to AHPA and AHP standards;
  6. provides participants with educational materials for patients, caregivers, health care providers and regulators that describe the certification program.
  7. verifies through independent auditors that state and local rules, as well as AHPA and AHP standards, are followed by companies, ensuring patient safety and product quality, purity, and reliability;
  8. offers third-party certification that can help reduce regulatory program cost and oversight burden;
  9. has independent auditors that can be contracted as third-party auditors for regulatory agencies;
  10. provides companies and, if required, regulators with annual Audit Reporting. 


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