Within 10 business days of the facility audit (if no deficiencies are found) or upon confirmation of completed corrective actions, PFC will issue a confidential report and certification decision (report will be provided to regulators if necessary). All documentation will be forwarded to PFC's Peer Review Board, and the Executive Committee will review the audit report and checklist prior to issuing a decision on the certification.  If the Peer Review Board grants a company certification, they are notified immediately and the appropriate certification materials will be issued.

In the event that an application for PFC certification is denied, an appeal may be submitted within 10 business days of the issuance of the decision. PFC provides an independent Dispute Board that includes at least three members from the PFC Peer Review Board. Each Dispute Board member must have sufficient knowledge and expertise in the discipline to perform a review of materials and reports and issue an impartial decision.

Ongoing Review and Compliance

The assigned PFC auditor and PFC staff will continually monitor certified operations throughout the annual certification period. PFC is committed to working with companies engaged in the PFC Program to achieve excellence by providing ongoing support and monitoring of corrective actions.  

In the event of a law or regulation change, or when AHPA or AHP releases updated standards, a review audit may need to be completed. PFC staff will notify certified companies of any updates to rules, regulations, and/or standards and provide an explanation of actions required by the company to comply with said update, including a required timeframe for compliance.

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