Pick Which Certification is Right for You

Patient Focused Certification is available to cannabis companies in all states with medical cannabis and/or legal adult use laws in place and is designed to show the quality commitment of cannabis companies engaged in providing patients with hemp, cannabis, and cannabis-derived products.

There are several options for certification available to companies engaged in the PFC program ranging from single discipline certification to multiple discipline certification options. While all available PFC program certifications verify compliance with local and state laws and regulations, as well as AHPA and AHP guidelines, some areas of certification may require additional trainings and/or additional compliance criteria, such as for companies engaged in manufacturing or laboratory testing operations.

Multiple Discipline Certification

For those companies engaged in multiple types of industry operations, PFC offers multiple discipline certifications. This certification opportunity allows companies engaged in a combination of cultivation, manufacturing, and/or distribution to certify all areas with one PFC seal of approval denoting the combination of disciplines and a commitment to product safety for all aspects of their operation.

In order to uphold the integrity of PFC independent laboratory testing services and the product safety verification such certified laboratory's offer, PFC does NOT allow laboratory certification to be combined with other disciplined operations receiving PFC certification. If a PFC laboratory operation wishes to certify in a second discipline, then the certified laboratory facility may NOT be used to satisfy the testing requirements of the secondary discipline.



Single discipline

Patient Focused Certification is available to cannabis companies in all states with medical cannabis and/or legal adult use laws in place and is...


Multi discipline

For those companies engaged in multiple types of industry operations, PFC offers multiple discipline certifications. This certification...


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