Completing Your Certification

Upon the successful completion of PFC required trainings, audits, and necessary corrective actions the company will become PFC approved and will receive a PFC approved materials package. PFC certification materials include:

  1. A certificate bearing the certified company’s name, physical address and the PFC’s certification logo; 
  2. PFC certification window decals; 
  3. Educational and promotional materials for patients, healthcare providers and regulators; 
  4. PFC website links; 
  5. A Standards Packet including applicable AHPA guidelines and an AHP Cannabis Monograph; 
  6. Verification that copies of the approved certification(s) have been sent to regulators and localities, as required by law; 
  7. Annual audit reports, audit checklists and compliance updates. 

Once certification has been granted, the review period begins, and the company may be subject to random and unannounced audits and/or product testing. An annual re-certification process is mandatory. Follow-up audits may require document submissions and/or an on-site visit. 

Certified companies are required to respond within five (5) business days to any complaint submitted to PFC (by consumers, healthcare providers, stakeholder groups, regulators, etc.) for which a response is determined by the PFC Peer Review Board, to be necessary. PFC will maintain records of complaints on certified companies. Such complaints may trigger unannounced inspections depending on the complaint severity and/or frequency. If for whatever reason certification must be suspended, PFC will notify regulators.

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