Educational and Training Programs

PFC staff members have over a dozen years experience working in implementing medical cannabis laws nationwide and have helped to develop and improve laws at both the local and state level. PFC staff continues to ensure regulatory compliance of patients and providers by offering a variety of hands-on-in-person trainings. Patient Focused Certification’s comprehensive staff trainings represent the continuing evolution of this important, ever-expanding work.

PFC has Trained Thousands of Patients, Consumers, Health Care, Industry Professionals & Regulators Our experienced staff have trained thousands of patients, regulators and medical cannabis industry professionals over the last decade.

The PFC training and education program prepares individuals to understand state and local regulations and to learn required safety and operational protocols, while teaching them the basics of cannabis as medicine and common therapeutic uses of cannabis. PFC training is currently licensed by the Department of Public Health in the District of Columbia as a mandatory training for all staff working in the DC medical cannabis program.

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