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PFC Webinars Offer Online Help for Businesses

ASA's Patient Focused Certification (PFC) program is now offering pre-licensing advising services for cannabis businesses. 

In addition to in-person training and regulatory inspection preparedness training, PFC is also now offering online webinars. The latest webinar for cannabis businesses, posted last month, covers what to expect when being inspected.

This sort of pre-licensing information is usually included in a PFC contract but is also available in more limited form without in-person training. PFC also provides help with SOPs.

What sets PFC apart is not just the years of nonprofit experience helping develop and implement state law or auditing standards based on the guidance of the American Herbal Products Association and the American Herbal Pharmacopeia. PFC is the only such service where all funds go back to supporting patient access advocacy and medical cannabis laws.

The international work PFC has undertaken also continued this past month. PFC presented at the ICRS meeting June 25-26 in coordination with ICCI on cultivation centers developed internationally. PFC Director and Chief Auditor Jahan Marcu also presented in New York City at the CWCBE held at the Javitz Center. On July 9, Dr. Marcu will be speaking at the Southeast Michigan Business Conference.

For more information on the PFC program, see www.patientfocusedcertification.org. For the new trainings through the University of Maryland, see www.pfctraining.org. The PFC weminars can be found on the PFC youtube channel.



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