Why PFC?

Third-party certification ensures that an independent organization has reviewed the cultivation and/or manufacturing process of a product or the management process of a service in order to determine that the final product complies with a specific set of standards designed to ensure safety, quality, or performance. 

PFC certifies compliance with AHPA and AHP standards for medical cannabis products and services. This review typically includes comprehensive reviews of formulations and materials, independent testing, and facility inspections.  Certified products typically exhibit the certifier's 'mark' on their packaging to help consumers make educated decisions about the products or services they are purchasing.  PFC requires annual inspections, unannounced random inspections, employee training, and product testing to ensure that certified companies continue to meet all AHPA standards after the initial certification. Right now we are working on implementing the world standards for medicinal herbs production (EMA, EUROPAM, WHO) under our ICCI PFC guidelines.



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